April 3, 2009

Gaia Economy in Shambles

Gaia Online has suffered extreme hyperinflation in the past weeks, as the value of gold plummeted. The crux of Gaia's economy is a steady flow of art-themed posting. Poetry, photography, and art of all kind and quality are equally rewarded. Through time, however, the quality of this art has completely degenerated beyond the point of recognition. For a minor amount of gold, a fraction of a fraction of what one needs to 'buy' accessories for their avatar, one user may copy-paste a Wikipedia article into the "non-fiction" category, or perhaps write a paragraph about their abusive families. Webcam photos of things in people's computer rooms are also a major source of Gaia's artwork.

Because the value of artwork has bottomed out, Gaia has begun coercing its users into posting even more worthless art to boost the economy. The fact is, that if a computer program were to continuously pick photos from google images, apply an Andy Warhol filter, and post it on Gaia, only to randomly give away all the gold it made, this whole system might be streamlined. Why should human beings post worthless art, when computers are so much more efficient at it?

People like speshelshell22 could continue to comment "i love pop art it looks good," if they felt inclined, or this system could also be replaced by computer automation.

I will leave you with a poem from Gaia, written by xX_HyperSkittlez_Xx.

While it is not written directly about the state of art in Gaia, I think it's apt.

youre walkin' into town
then on your face there is a frown
its diarria

you try to poop it out
but you cant so you just pout
stupid diarria

no one knows how to spell it
so everyone just guesses it

you are in walmart
when you try and fart
uh oh

so you sweep it with a broom
when your in the bathroom
that diarria

you enter into a stall
then you give it your all

then you try to flush it down
but all it does is go around


jameskgalloway said...


Director of Lebal Drocer finance stock reporting averages said...

I hate to see this one get pushed off the front page.

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